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Finally: Newly Discovered Panic "Off Switch" Gives You Anxiety Relief Without Pills or Therapy – All in Just 60 Seconds or Less…

We encounter many health issues during our lifetime and for most or all of them we would invariably refer ourselves to a qualified doctor or therapist and seek medication and solace. There are some sicknesses and diseases which could be cured and there are many others which would generally not answer positively for the various medications that are prescribed to us. Two most frequently and unexpectedly occurring issues are anxiety and panic attacks which could happen to anyone at any place without any warning at all. 

There have many who have been on various medications for a very long time trying to overcome the issues of anxiety and panic attacks but invariably to no avail and have been going from pillar to post trying to find a solution. This important solution has always evaded them and no respite has been forthcoming even though they would have gone through a “who’s who list” of doctors, therapists and others over many years.. 

Anxiety and Panic attacks

This is a condition that occurs without any prior warnings and affects many, though there have been medications prescribed a permanent solution has never been forthcoming for the many who have sometimes suffered silently with their loved ones around.

The frightening aspect of anxiety and panic attacks occurring is that it comes upon you without any prior warnings and before any preventive measures could be taken it would be upon you.

What Is 60 Second Panic Solution?!

A simple remedy has been put together by Anna Gibson-Steel a licensed therapist who herself underwent the trauma of anxiety and panic attacks the first of such a thing happening about 19 years before she decided to take on the problem head on. After analyzing her own persistent and frightening experiences, Anna has put together the ultimate remedy which would bring about a permanent solution for anybody’s tryst with anxiety and panic attacks.

Her remedy which she wants to gladly pass onto everyone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks is something that she stumbled upon by accident and realized the moment she came across it that the solution was very evident. She realized that the solution to panic and anxiety is NOT “all in your head”- anymore than the symptoms are.

Anna’s well researched and compiled 60-Second Panic Solution is based on cutting edge science that has been in existence for probably thousands of years and practiced by ancient Buddhist monks from China and the Yogis from the Indian sub-continent. It is tried, tested and have proven to bring instant relief to all those silent sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks.

Anna’s contention is that there is a very strong and powerful connection between our minds and bodies especially between thumb and index finger which in turn connects with the most primitive part of our brains which is located at the far reaches of our brain which activates our survival instincts.

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How 60 Second Panic Solution Works?!

Those who practiced this ancient art of body mind exercises like Yoga knew of the effects it had on the human body and now science is also accepting that there is a connection between the two. Anna has researched and delved deep into the recent scientific findings in the areas of embodied cognition and neurophysiology to combine both in an intricate creation and taken it as the core principle of her 60-Second Panic Solution.

Anna Gibson-Steel has not only conducted extensive into the subject but has taken it up with peer-reviewed journals and proven the fact that there is a distinct connection between our fingers and our brain. She has gone further to prove that by using our fingers and the creative power of our minds we could literally de-activate certain sections of our brains which are susceptible to anxiety and panic attacks using the 60-Second Panic Solution.

It is too good to be true but it is the fact and has been tried and tested where anxiety and panic attacks could be nipped in the bud even before it could overwhelm you with the 60-Second Panic Solution. The unimaginable aspect of the 60-Second Panic Solution that has been created for all those prone to anxiety and panic attacks by Anna is the use of just two fingers which would immediately bring positive results.

What Anna Gibson-Steel is bringing forth in her 60-Second Panic Solution which she herself calls with a scientific twist to it as Neuro-Activation Therapy which a scientifically proven exercise which has been known to the world for thousands of years.

Who Is Anna Gibson-Steel And What Is Her Working Experience?!

Anna has treated over 2,000 people who have been susceptible to anxiety and panic attacks all of whom have been taken through her 60-Second Panic Solution and have overcome their problems successfully.

They have been taken step by step through the process which has been the work of Anna’s more than seven year quest to arrive at the right solution to every form of anxiety and panic attacks. Like what Anna went through in her traumatic experience and her attempts to find the causes of anxiety and panic attacks you too could delve deep into the far recesses of your brain with the 60-Second Panic Solution and find out what triggers the anxiety and panic attacks in you.

It would be quite difficult for you to assimilate all this in just a few minutes of reading but what Anna Gibson-Steel is bringing forth in her 60-Second Panic Solution could be the solution that you have been waiting for since you were struck by this very dangerous experience.

Final Verdict

For one thing you may not know when and where it would strike you and when it does you could be in a very vulnerable situation and forced to encounter inexplicable circumstances.

Hence getting your hands on Anna Gibson-Steel’s 60-Second Panic Solution you could avoid any unpleasant situations that you may have to face and even find it difficult to extricate yourself without any major issues happening to you.

This is the solution you would have if you have been suffering all these years and in just three weeks of following Anna’s 60-Second Panic Solution you would be reborn into a new world without any anxiety and panic attacks.

60 Second Panic Solution would be a great value even at the regular price or twice of the regular price, but at a discount price of $39.95 it can’t be beat! I hope Anna don’t pull back the discount price anytime soon.

YES! I Want 60 Second Panic Solution Course For $39.95 NOW!

I’ve suffered for years and feel like I’ve tried every treatment but nothing worked. Can the 60 second panic solution help me?

Yes! Whether you’ve tried medication or traditional therapy, the problem with most treatments for panic and anxiety is… they only cover up your symptoms without getting to the root cause. The 60-Second Panic Solution™ gives you lasting relief without a single pill and without months or years of therapy. This kind of permanent solution is now possible for you because Anna Gibson-Steel’s methods let you use the power of your own mind-body connection to ‘switch off’ the hidden triggers of your anxiety deep inside your brain.

Anna, have you ever seen any studies about anxiety, panic and the workplace? I’m wondering if my anxiety is holding me back at my job, and whether your method could help me get ahead?

As a matter of fact, one recent study at the University of Michigan showed that anxiety symptoms can often hold you back at work – affecting everything from your focus to your performance in meetings and even your chances for getting promoted. Fortunately, the study also proved that when you get your anxiety under control, you’re likely to see quick improvements in everything from your productivity to your job satisfaction… And best of all, in your paychecks!

What kinds of symptoms can the 60-Second Panic Solution help me with?

First, you need to know that no two people’s panic and anxiety symptoms are exactly the same. Yet Anna’s 60-Second Panic Solution™ methods can help you whether you suffer from panic or anxiety attacks… ongoing anxiety… fear of having a heart attack… fear of fainting… fear that you’re losing your mind… fear of leaving your home, fear of being in public or around other people… phobias and irrational fears… feelings of hopelessness or overwhelm… body tremors and shaking… or any of dozens of other symptoms and side-effects that you may be experiencing right now.

Anna, I’ve been seeing my therapist for so long, we’ve actually become friends. Am I still going to have any reason to see him again after using the 60-Second Panic Solution?

Many people come to Anna for help after seeing a traditional therapist for “talk therapy”… and if you feel like you’ve built up a good relationship with a therapist even though you continue to suffer from anxiety or panic attacks… The good news is, if you’re like most of Anna’s clients, no matter how much you’ve enjoyed your talks with a therapist, you’ll enjoy your new freedom from anxiety even more. And I bet you’ll probably find some fun ways to spend the money you’re now saving every month, too…

How long will it take me to feel relief?

Right away! In fact, just like the name suggests, you can use Anna’s method to get relief from any panic or anxiety attack, anywhere, before it starts in only 60 seconds. Not only that – you’ll be able to use the other techniques you discover inside to put your anxiety behind you for good in just 3 weeks…

Anna, I’ve been on medication for my panic attacks for a couple months now and now I only get attacks severe enough to send me to the ER once in a while. So I’m just wondering… since I’m actually okay with feeling a little emotionally disconnected and ‘numbed out’ from life, is it worth the risk to try something else?

Medication can work… yet the problem is, it only “covers up” your symptoms rather than fixing the real cause of your anxiety. Another danger is… If your prescription makes you feel ‘numb’ enough to hide your worst panic attack symptoms, it could also cover up your “early warning” symptoms if you ever experience a real life-threatening heart attack. This is just one more reason why I recommend that you start getting natural relief from your panic without delay… even if you feel like medication is “working” for you today.

Does the 60-Second Panic Solution cause any side effects?

No. The 60-Second Panic Solution™ is 100% natural, so you will not notice any side-effects whatsoever (unless you count the really positive ones!). In fact, it’s safe enough that anyone can use it – even children as young as 5 years old.

If currently taking an anti-anxiety prescription, and after using Anna’s method I just don’t feel like I need the pills anymore. Should I be concerned about stopping the medication ‘cold turkey’ or should I see my doctor?

If you’re currently taking any kind of anti-anxiety or anti-depression medication, Anna strongly recommends making an appointment with your doctor right away to discuss the safest way to “wean off” your prescription, even if you feel like there’s no longer any reason to take it. Many medications may be unsafe to stop taking overnight.

Can children use the 60-Second Panic Solution technique?

Yes – Anna has successfully used these methods with many children as young as 5 years old who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, stress, and other problems at school. As a parent, all you need to do is watch Anna’s video presentations, learn the simple techniques, and then teach them to your child.

What if I get the 60-Second Panic Solution and it doesn’t work for me?

The truth is, even though it’s practically illegal to call any natural treatment a “cure” these days… Anna has never had a client who actually used her method and did not experience deep and lasting relief from panic attacks and anxiety. However, again if for any reason you are anything less than totally thrilled with the 60-Second Panic Solution™, simply send one quick email to the address you’ll find inside, and you’ll get a prompt, courteous refund of every penny you paid with no hassles or runarounds.

YES! I Want 60 Second Panic Solution Course For $39.95 NOW!

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YES! I Want 60 Second Panic Solution Course For $39.95 NOW!

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